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Whether you are just starting your search and considering investing in Long Beach real estate, Huntington Beach real estate, Seal Beach real estate or other coastal, beach cities in Southern California, our easy to use website provides you with fact-finding information for your relocation.

Searching by Beach Neighborhoods Helps You to Imagine What it Would Be Like to Live There

If you are thinking about Long Beach, take a few minutes to explore the 35 different areas through our Long Beach neighborhoods list in the city so you can make a good investment with your money. Explore our Neighborhoods resource so you can find an area along the coastline in one of the many beach cities that works for you.

If you are not sure which city that you are interested in moving too, then we suggest you explore local Southern California cities through our real estate information resource.

If you are not sure where you want to live yet, our new interactive property search allows you to search by city, neighborhood, zip code or property address by MAP so you can see where all of the cities are located. View all Southern California homes for sale today.

Relocating to Long Beach or other Beach Cities Real Estate

Naples Island Long Beach HomesRelocating to Long Beach or beach city in Southern California takes a lot of planning and deciding which area is the best for your new lifestyle.

Perhaps, you want warmer weather by getting out of the cold. Or you have always wanted to live at the beach and now you are ready to move. Whatever your reasons are for moving, we want to be a resource for you.

That's why we love to make this move easier for you by answering the questions you have and creating a custom relocation guide or a list of information that you need.

We sent generic relocation guides out in the past and we never heard from anyone. I just think they didn't answer their questions very well. So, my real estate team and I decided to create a quick relocation guide answering your questions about moving.

Beach Cities Real Estate Agents That Specialize in Coastal Properties to Represent You

Whether you are buying a home, condo or income property, our real estate team, called "The Red Wagon Team" is here to assist you. Our talented founder, Jay Valento, will be your first phone call at 562-413-7655 or 800-300-6126.

As a native of southern California, Jay has been in the real estate industry for 24 years. Jay & his real estate team at Realty ONE Group take a consulting approach to real estate. They focus on you and your real estate plans by creating a strategy to help you accomplish your goals.

No pressure. No obligation. Just a client focused approach to real estate.

Free Real Estate Consultation Can Save You Time Searching Online and Offline for a Home

Before beginning your search, call Jay 562-413-7655 for a real estate consultation to discuss your plans.

Whether your goal is to live close to the beach or in another part of Southern California, our goal is to listen to you and assist you with every relevant step along the way so you can make the best investment decision. When you need our expert real estate assistance, call us toll free at 1-800-300-6126 or 562-413-7655.

What is the Climate Like Along the Coastline?

When you think of weather in Long Beach, think over 340 days of sun. Temperatures range from 67 to 77 from November to June. July to September goes from 82 to 84 on the average. Overall the low is about 55.4 and the high is 74.2.

Great weather enables you to stroll on the beach. Sail in the bay or on the ocean. Water ski in the marine stadium. Paddle board, wind surf and kayak year round.

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As beach cities real estate agents at Realty ONE Group, we have the expertise, enthusiasm and listening skills to help with your real estate plans for buying and selling. The Red Wagon Team of top real estate professionals cover beach cities in Southern California including: Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point, Surfside and Sunset Beach.