Home Warranty Company Inspect Homes Before Giving a Warranty?

In our frequently asked questions series on Home Warranties, this was a popular question that comes up to a company representative.

“Does the home warranty company inspect homes before they giving you a warranty plan?”

No.  According to a representative from Fidelity Home Warranty,  “We ask that everything is in fine working order upon the close of escrow.  We assume it has had a proper inspection and that everything is in fine working order. I f things were broken or needed repair that were noted on the inspection report, we expect that to be the homeowners responsibility to have that taken care of BEFORE the buyer takes possession and a home warranty contract is put into place.”



MLS Registration Not Required

You can search for homes and condos in Southern California on numerous websites now a days and most will ask you to register.    The data that we have on our websites comes directly from a feed from the Southern California mls (multiple listing service) and it is updated hourly.  The MLS is a service provided by real estate brokerages that cooperate under guidelines to distribute listing information to other brokers, agents and the public.


So Cal MLS No Registration Required

Our Southern California real estate website is unique in that you can search to your heart’s content.  We have a direct data feed from the So Cal MLS and we don’t require registration for you to view listings.  No worries about giving up all of your private information just to look at real estate listings.


Wait Jay?  I see a Register link on your Southern California Map Search.  What is that?

Well, you could, IF you wanted to Register and create a free property organizer account on our socal real estate website.   Then, you can save your favorite properties to your own profile page to review them 24/7.   I find that most people register to setup a custom search or have me setup one for them to save time.

That means…when a new listing comes on the market that matches what they are looking for, an email of the listing is sent directly to them.  It saves our clients lots of time searching online.  Who really wants to go to 3 or 4 different real estate websites to see the same information.

When you receive a home listing and like it, then you can just call me at 562-413-7655 or email me to schedule a showing appointment provided that you don’t already have an agent representing you.  The extra benefit to calling me is that you will receive a 50 page Home Buyer’s Guide that I put together to educate you on the property.

You won’t be tested on the information in the Home Buyer’s Guide but most of my clients love the helpful tips, strategies and wisdom that they learn from it…along with the buyer consultation that I provide to them.


Updated Southern California Real Estate Information

Although, I do have to share with you that some of the listing agents may not have updated their listings right away.  So, when you call to ask me about a particular property, I will double check with the listing agent, who represents the seller, to see what the status is of the property you like.  Then, I can make an appointment for you to see the property provided you are not already working with an agent.

What about the websites like Zillow, do they have accurate listing data directly from the mls?   No.  Zillow does not have a direct data link to any multiple listing service so some of their data may be out dated or not up to date.



Mortgage Questions: Gift Money How Does That Work

One of the three happy lenders that my clients love working with submitted an a question and answer today about a topic that keeps coming up to her from consumers.  


How much of my down payment can be a gift if I’m going with a Conventional Loan?


As long as the loan amount is below $417,000 you can have 100% gift funds with a minimum of 5% down.




What is an Escrow? | escrow company

An escrow company in California, is a neutral third party that processes legal documents regarding the transfer of real estate. It has an obligation to safeguard the funds and/or documents while they are in the possession of escrow, and to disburse funds and/or convey title only when all provisions of the escrow have been complied with.

What Escrow Company Should You Work With?

In your purchase contract, the escrow company is a negotiable item between the buyer and seller. Most sellers rely on their real estate professional to select an escrow company that is reliable.  Although, Realtors® can’t guarantee the work of any company they recommend, they know who the good companies are.

Popular escrow companies that my clients liked were:

  • Cardinal Pacific Escrow
  • Tiempo Escrow 2


Who Handles My Real Estate Sale or Purchase in an Escrow Company?

You will be assigned an Escrow Officer. He or she will compile your contractual agreements with the seller into Escrow Instructions which will be sent out to the buyer, seller and Jay Valento, Your Realtor® involved in the sale.


Escrow Instructions

Review these instructions with the purchase contract. If you see a misspelling, call your Escrow Officer and real estate professional. Sign the instructions and return them back to the escrow company within 5 days or less.


Confidential Statement of Information

Along with your escrow instructions will be a Confidential Statement of Information form. This form enables the title insurance company to ensure the successful transfer of title. It covers where you have lived in the past 10 years along with other information so the title company can perform title search.


Other documents that are in your Escrow package include:

Homeowner’s Insurance form – your property will need fire insurance. So, call your local insurance agent to arrange for that.  Then, fill out the form or call your escrow officer

Preliminary Change of Ownership – it must be submitted to the County Recorder with the Grant Deed (all done by your escrow company). This is used by the Tax Assessor to determine your property taxes.

Vesting Worksheet – indicates how you plan to take title to the property. Consult your tax professional or Certified Public Accountant for advice on making a decision that best suits your financial and estate planning goals.

When your loan is finalized, you will need to bring your personal identification card or Driver’s License to escrow to sign the loan documents and other closing documents at the close of escrow.

Beachside Summerfest Huntington Beach California

Calvary Chapel Beachside June 21st 2014Catch all the action today at the Beachside Summerfest, June 21st, 2014, from 11 to 6 pm in Huntington Beach on the north side of the pier where this is a cool concert sponsored by Calvary Chapel Beachside.  This the 10th year of the event.  

This is a free event.

Beachside Summerfest Bands:

  • OC Supertones
  • Christafari  http://www.christafari.com/
  • Brenden McPeak & the Soul Reformation
  • Madison Cunningham
  • Cross Eyes


Video of Beachside Summerfest in Huntington Beach California


Map of the Huntington Beach Pier: Summerfest is on the Northside of the Pier

Where to Park for Beachside Summerfest

Public Parking lots: visit here for rates…looks like $15 for the day.  Where are the public parking down town?  Main Street and Walnut (south).  There is parking at the Strand Hotel on 6th and Pacific Coast Highway next to the CVS Pharmacy on the corner.

At the Beach: I think it is $15.00 to park at the beach.

I prefer to park in the neighborhood and walk down to the beach.  It is good exercise and not very far of a walk.  It may be a little challenging to find a spot.